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How to integrate Pitchsail with lemlist to increase your conversion rates with personalized video outreach

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To create personalized videos and landing pages for each prospect in your list using Pitchsail, which can then be uploaded to lemlist for your email campaign, follow these steps:

Prepare Your CSV File for video outreach

  • Your CSV file should include columns for FirstName, LastName, Website, E-Mail, and Company.
  • Ensure the CSV file is correctly formatted with commas separating each field and a newline separating each prospect.
  • Save the file with UTF-8 encoding to avoid any character encoding issues.

Record Your Video

  • Create a general script for your video that engages best with your audience and use a generic wording to address your prospect.
  • Record the video, ensuring it’s professional and concise, highlighting the key message you want to deliver.

Upload Your CSV File to Pitchsail

  • Log into your Pitchsail account.
  • Navigate to the section where you can upload leads (prospects).
  • Click on the option to import leads and select your CSV file.
  • Map the columns in your CSV file to the corresponding fields in Pitchsail (e.g., map the ‚FirstName‘ column to the ‚FirstName‘ field in Pitchsail).

Configure Video Page Settings in Pitchsail

  • In the settings, customize the text that will appear above and below your video.
  • Use variables to personalize the text (e.g., „Hallo [FirstName], ich habe ein Video für dich erstellt:“ for text above the video).

Generate Personalized Videos and Landing Pages

  • Pitchsail will use your one-time recorded video and the uploaded CSV file to generate a personalized video for each prospect.
  • It will also create a personalized landing page where each video will be hosted.

Upload to lemlist

  • Log into your lemlist account.
  • Create a new email campaign and upload your list of prospects, matching the fields from your CSV file including the newly created video-pages and thumbnails.

Create your e-mail sequence with your integrated videos

  • In the email editor, use the „add image“ function to add an image „from a custom variable“ to add the {{thumbnail}} to the e-mail.
  • Embed the video by using the thumbnail image and link it to the personalized landing page created by Pitchsail by linking your image to the custom variable {{video}}

Test and Launch Your Campaign:

  • Send a test email to yourself to ensure everything looks good and the personalization is working correctly.
  • Once you’re satisfied, schedule or immediately send out your email campaign.

This process allows you to leverage personalized video content to enhance engagement and conversion rates. The personalized touch can make a significant difference in how potential customers perceive your outreach efforts.


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