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Turn prospects into customers with engaging video messages

Stand out from the crowd and convert more leads with personalized video messages at scale.

No Credit Card, No Hassles.
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Video Messaging Tailored for Sales Success

Video messages designed to connect, qualify, and close. Better lead engagement from first contact to final proposal.

Record Your Message Once, Reach Thousands

Record your core message just once and let Pitchsail tailor it for every individual lead and candidate. This automation solves the time-consuming problem of repetitive, individual follow-ups, ensuring your message resonates personally with each recipient.

Guide prospects from video to sale with clear calls to action

Transform outreach with Pitchsail by personalizing conversations using variables and adding custom CTAs. Direct leads to resources like Calendly or your landing page, making each interaction uniquely valuable and significantly boosting response rates for more efficient deal closures.

Stand Out in the Inbox with Videos

In a world cluttered with standard sales pitches, Pitchsail is your edge. It cuts through the noise, offering a novel way to engage leads. This approach not only enhances engagement but also positions your message as a must-see, driving higher conversion rates.

Integrate Pitchsail with your essential tools
Integrate Pitchsail with your essential tools

Overcome Outreach Hurdles with Pitchsail's Features

Experience the ease of fast video creation, insightful performance tracking, smooth integration, and personalized messaging.
Rapid video creation

A click away from engaging, personal connections.

Insightful analytics

Track your impact. Understand your audience.

Seamless integration

Your videos, your tools, one powerful workflow.

Engagement boosters

Every video is a call to action, a step towards conversion.

Customized storytelling

Dynamic content for dynamic messaging.

Share your story

Effortless sharing across platforms to amplify your reach.

Your Path to Effortless Outreach

Engage, connect, convert – the Pitchsail way.
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See What Our Clients Have to Say

Recruiting top talent has never been easier. With Pitchsail, we can directly and personally address potential candidates. It has made our hiring processes more efficient and humane.

Johannes Sörensen
Johannes Sörensen

Co-Founder & CEO @ahead

Pitchsail has completely changed the way we communicate with applicants. The personalized videos give us an edge and help us stand out from other employers.

Sebastian Hennig
Sebastian Hennig


My outreach campaigns have reached a whole new dimension. With Pitchsail, I can approach potential customers in a way that is both authentic and scalable. The results speak for themselves!

Markus Schaarschmidt
Markus Schaarschmidt

SaaS & FINDtech for the Lost and Found Industry

Pitchsail has changed the game for me. Instead of sending generic emails, I can now send personalized video messages that truly resonate. My response rate has significantly increased!

Cornelius Hager
Cornelius Hager

Chief Product Officer

Pitchsail has given me the ability to convey my messages both individually and on a large scale. It has not only transformed the way I work but also my results. I can no longer imagine doing outreach without Pitchsail!

Jakob Kiender
Jakob Kiender

Kiender Consulting

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Frequently Asked Questions​

Get the answers you need to enhance your video outreach strategy.

Pitchsail is a cutting-edge video outreach platform designed to personalize and automate your sales and marketing communications. By creating tailored video messages, Pitchsail helps businesses connect with their audience more effectively, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

Pitchsail is ideal for sales teams, marketers, HR professionals, coaches and any business looking to enhance their outreach and engagement strategies. Whether you’re a small startup or a large enterprise, Pitchsail’s scalable solutions can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Video personalization allows you to address your audience directly and authentically, making each interaction more engaging and personal. This approach has been proven to increase response rates, build stronger relationships, and boost overall campaign effectiveness.

Loom is for one-to-one; Pitchsail is for one-to-many. Create once, personalize for all.

Not at all! Pitchsail is designed with user-friendliness in mind. Its intuitive interface makes it easy for anyone to create and send personalized videos, regardless of their technical expertise.

Absolutely. Pitchsail offers seamless integration with a variety of marketing and CRM tools, enhancing your existing workflows and ensuring a smooth user experience.

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